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Grimms Basic Building Set 2

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The shapes and colours of this building set are inspired by Friedrich W. A. Fröbel’s concepts about child development and education. Friedrich W. A. Fröbel (1782-1852) was a German pedagogue who created the concept of the “kindergarten”.
The 30 Piece Basic Building Set (Art. No 10200) is ideal for young children with its fewer and larger blocks with simple shapes.
Later on, children find everything they need for building with the 46 blocks in this Building Set. Children can build walls, fences, stalls as well as houses, towers and castles… whatever their play requires to be built.
By building and playing with these blocks, children develop fine motor skills and spatial thinking skills.
46 buidling blocks in a wooden frame.
Materials: lime wood, non-toxic water based color stain/non-toxic plant based oil finish.
Size: frame length 44,5cm. single blocks 4cm thickness, length 4-16cm. - Made In: Bosnia, Dimensions: 46x47x6cm, Weight: 3.9kg, Recommended Age: 3+.