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Grimms Mono Bundle 3 - Mono Boards and Wooden Bunting

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Includes 1 x Grimms Monochrome Building Boards, 1 Monochrome Pennants / Bunting and 1 x Small Monochrome Rainbow

Grimms Building Boards - Monochrome

These building boards are the perfect complement to the 12 piece rainbows, tunnels and semicircle (10675/10676). So many wonderful balancing and skill games as well as new construction projects can be created, leading to even more open ended play. 11 parts, 7 x 10-37 x 0.8 cm , Lime wood, non-toxic water based color stain These building blocks are ideal for building landscapes with trees and hedges. In one image combined with the building blocks Sea-Owls Art.No. 11037. 16 pieces in cotton net. Materials: lime wood, non-toxic water based color stain. Size: diameter= 3-10cm, H=2-18cm

Grimms Monochrome Pennant Banner (Wooden Bunting)

The Pennant Banner to thread and decorate is a real eye-catcher on any celebration and great for decorating the children‘s room. 24 pieces with string, 5.5 x 9.7 cm per part, Plywood, non-toxic water based color stain


  • Warning: Decorative article - not a toy!
  • Grimms Small Monochrome Rainbow

  • The Small Rainbow is really versatile and ideal for small children! Toddlers stack, sort and build and as the children get older they will use it as fence for animals, like a tunnel for vehicles, as house for dwarfs and dollhouse dolls, build amazing sculptures... this toy will always be integrated in playing with a lot of fantasy. Materials: lime wood, non-toxic water based color stain. Size: length 10.5cm height 6cm.