Grimms Bundle - Limited Edition 12 Cherrywood Friends, Natural Bridge, 6-Piece Tunnel, Natural

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Grimms Small Monochrome Tunnel

The Small Tunnel is really versatile and ideal already for small children! Toddlers stack, sort and build and as the children get older they will use it as fence for animals, like a tunnel for vehicles, as house for dwarfs and dollhouse dolls, build amazing sculptures... this toy will always be integrated in playing with a lot of fantasy. Materials: lime wood, non-toxic water based color stain. Size: length 10.5cm height 6cm.

Grimms Rainbow Bridge, Natural

For playing with wooden train, cars etc. Ideal for 6 Cars 09310/09300 and the 5 Small Sporty Cars on brass wheels 09320, as well as our small trucks 09400/09410/09420. Materials: made from alder, non-toxic plant based oil finish. Size: length 41cm, 8cm thickness.

Recommended age: 0+

Grimms 6-Piece Tunnel Natural

The Grimms Natural Tunnel is one of Grimm's most popular toys. Both great entertainment and educational value to your child, it is incredibly versatile with allows endless play possibilities. A high tower, an amazing sculture, a bridge, a tunnel, a fence, whatever you think of.... or simply a stacking toy.

Hours of fun!

Materials: lime wood, non-toxic

Size: length 17cm.

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